Ignoring Oral Hygiene : An Invitation To Tooth Decay

Generally people do not care if they loose a tooth either due to a disease or due to trauma unless the tooth lost is not in the front portion and is not visible while smiling, talking or biting. According to Michigan Dentist ignoring a missing tooth may lead to problems in your long term oral and medical health.

A missing tooth affects the way the jaw closes. According to michigan dentist as soon as a tooth is lost the supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve. Longer a tooth is missing greater will be the bone loss. Apart from chewing teeth have many more functions to perform; they are important for the well being of the gum and jaw tissues and the symmetry of your face.

Once a tooth is lost corrective measures should be taken as soon as possible to avoid complications. If all the teeth are present in a set of teeth then each tooth exerts a certain amount of pressure on the adjacent teeth which helps maintain the position of the whole set of teeth. Michigan dentist suggests a missing tooth will create a gap and the teeth surrounding that gap will attempt to fill the empty space by shifting towards the gap.

More space between the teeth means ample space for food particles to be trapped and along with growth of bacteria and plaque which will further lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Contacting michigan dentist would be the best option for corrective measures. The dentist will decide on a space maintainer to be placed in the empty space created due to the loss of the tooth. A space maintainer can be anything like a bridge, denture or implant. The space maintainer will keep the teeth in place and help to keep the symmetry of the teeth intact.

Michigan dentist suggests not to ignore any missing tooth in the jaws as it may not only lead to the asymmetry of the teeth but may even lead to problems of the jaws and gums.

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