Dental Implants: Types and Procedures

Smiling has various benefits. First, it improves one’s mood. Psychologists say people who smile often have peace of mind. They are filled with positivity. Positivity manifests in their cheerfulness. Second, smile builds friendships. Studies show that relationships start with simple gestures. One of these is smiling. A smile creates a lasting impression.

A smile looks better with clean and white teeth. You can smile with your widened lips. Nevertheless, a smile is best appreciated with exposed teeth. Cosmetic dentists offer various dental services to enhance the overall appearance of the teeth. They improve oral aesthetics. Cosmetic dental procedures restore teeth color, correct teeth alignment, and eliminate tooth gaps. In Atlanta, cosmetic dentists administer dental services to patients of all ages.

Cosmetic dentists treat tooth loss. Tooth loss is caused by untreated tooth decay, trauma, gum disease, or congenital defects. Dentists fill in tooth gaps by dental implants. Dental implants are synthetic tooth structures. They are manufactured in dental laboratories. During consultation, dentists measure gap on the gums. They measure a patient’s tooth length, size, and width. They give necessary tooth measurements to dental suppliers. Suppliers assemble synthetic tooth. After a couple of weeks, they deliver dental implants to dentists.

Dental implants are likened to dental transplants. Dental transplants are human tooth structures. In Atlanta, transplants are bought from authorized dental clinics. They are made up of natural tooth elements. Human tooth are composed of calcium, dentin, enamel, and fluoride. On the other hand, dental implants are made up of porcelain. Dental implants are simulated tooth fillers. Experts on dental implants Atlanta GA provide options for dental implant procedures. Dental implant can be administered in one-step or two-step surgery.

In one-step surgery, dental connectors and implants are embedded at once. Dental connectors attach implants on the gums. They are planted on the tooth gap. Once it is fastened, the dental implant is placed. Dental connector and implant take the shape of the gums. Dentists recommend one-step dental implants Atlanta GA to patients with mild tooth deficiency.

Conversely, two-step implant surgery prepares the gums for synthetic tooth. First, dentists plant the screw on the gums. The screw binds with the gums. After one to two months, the implant is placed on top of the screw. The gums are allowed to heal before dental implant. Dentists recommend two-step dental implants Atlanta to patients with sensitive gums.



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