Tooth Restoration through a Dental Crown


Tooth Restoration through a Dental Crown

Dental Crown is used to cover, protect, strengthen, and seal a tooth. When one of your teeth is damaged, it is the best way to restore it. Though sometimes we want to avoid dentist as much as we can, we have to do it especially when you need a dental crown. There are number of reasons why dental crown is necessary. Radiant Expressions Dental, with Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi, is an expert restorative dentist who will make sure to keep your healthy and perfect smile.

First is tooth decay. If the tooth is too weak due to tooth decay and a filling won’t be enough to save it, dental crown is the next best option. It will protect the tooth from breaking. This will also happen to a tooth with dental fillings. Dental fillings are used to replace the decayed area of the tooth. When it starts to break down, the tooth will be weakened and a porcelain dental crown will be needed to avoid it from breaking.

Second is when a tooth has a cracked or broken. To restore an already broken tooth or been worn down, the crown is one of your choices. It will be perfect to hold it and prevent the tooth from breaking again. You know how much it hurts if you ever had one of your teeth broken. Neglecting it can lead to a more severe problem. If left untreated, you will be more likely to develop an abscess. This abscess, in turn, will lead to tooth loss and even worse. It can also be used to cover dental implant and misshapen or severely discolored teeth.

For a fractured tooth, a root canal therapy should be administered beforehand especially when a nerve is involved. Only then will the crown be possible to apply. However, if the fracture is too severe that it is impossible to be saved, oral surgery or tooth extraction is the remaining option.

Porcelain dental crown is part of the wide procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry. It protects the tooth from further damage and at the same time restores the overall appearance of the teeth.
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