The Comfort of Sedation Dentistry while Having Dental Treatment

The Comfort of Sedation Dentistry while Having Dental Treatment

Sometimes people are afraid of dentists more than anything else. This is true across ages. Kids and adults alike have fears and anxieties when it comes to dental treatment. This prevents them from getting the necessary treatment their oral health needs. At an early age, we already experienced that terrifying feeling while having tooth extraction, and ever since, we hated the sight of a person wearing white coat calling himself/herself a dentist. However, the good news is, the sedation dentistry can help us get rid of this fear and let us achieve an optimum oral health.

Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi of Radiant Expressions Dental Associates will help you feel relaxed and comfortable while under any dental treatment.

What Can Sedation Dentistry Do?

In Sedation Dentistry, the use of pharmacological agents are needed to calm and relax a patient before and while under dental treatment. It is used for patients with dental phobia. It is a way to overcome their fears of dentists and dental treatment. We have a number of dental sedation techniques and one of them is oral conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This technique won’t put patients into a deep sleep rather it simply relaxes your body that you will not feel even a slightest pain nor discomfort. You won’t feel anything while under the procedure thus, reducing the anxiety and discomfort you feel while allowing you a more pleasant treatment experience.
Your level of sedation will be first determined and then proper dosage of medication will be administered. It is proven to be very effective and safe.

For adult patients who have the following, can undergo oral conscious sedation to relieve these issues during treatment;
Extremely sensitive teeth;
Bad gag reflexes;
Difficulty getting numb;
Fear of needles;
Past traumatic dental experience; and
Dental anxiety

With sedation industry and Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi’s expertise and spa-like facilities you can achieve optimum oral health without worries.

Radiant Expressions Dental also offers the following dental treatments;
General dentistry
Root canal therapy
Teeth extraction and oral surgery
Facial fillers and botox
Dental implants
Full mouth reconstruction
Sedation industry
Periodontal/ gum disease
Full and partial dentures
Emergency dental care
Whatever dental procedure you need, rest assured that you will get the desired result despite your phobia.

For more information on sedation dentistry, please call our office in Pembroke Pines today at 954-266-0345 or schedule an appointment. Get your picture perfect smile now!