Replace Dentures With All On Four Dental Implants

If you wear dentures, you probably have a lot of complaints. Even the most natural-looking dentures can cause problems. Poor fit, slippage, and soreness are common problems facing denture wearers, and even if you maintain your dentures with regular dental checkups and realignments, your dentures may not fit as comfortably as you would like. Fortunately, ABC Dental Implant Center of Las Vegas offers a permanent alternative to conventional dentures with their All on 4 dental implant technique.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid is committed to helping denture wearers reclaim their smiles. Thanks to his All-on-4 implant technology, he’s able to replace loose dentures with a comfortable and strong replacement.

What Are All-On-Four Implants?

All-on-4 dental implants are made up of two main components: four dental implants in the dental arch, and a dental prosthetic that is affixed to those dental implants. The dental implants are very tiny titanium posts that are inserted into the actual jaw bone. The incision is very small, and healing time is fast. The implants fuse with the jaw bone, mimicking the function of a natural tooth root and creating strong anchor for your prosthetic.

The prosthetic is a full row of teeth that is created to fit your mouth perfectly. If you have natural teeth in the opposite dental arch, Dr. Khorshid will design them to match those teeth in size and color, so that no one will ever know that you are wearing a prosthetic. If you require implants in the upper and lower arches, you and Dr. Khorshid will work together to design a set of teeth that match your personal goals for your new smile.

The Benefits Of Replacing Dentures With All On Four

There are many advantages to choosing the All-on-Four implant procedure including:

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[li]No Slipping – Your prosthetic is firmly anchored into place. You can eat, talk, and laugh without worrying about your dentures coming loose, or worse, falling out. [/li]
[li]Comfortable – the All on Four dental implant treatment is comfortable. You will have some initial swelling and minor discomfort immediately after the procedure, but once your jaw is healed, your mouth will be comfortable. The irritation that sometimes comes with traditional dentures will be a mere memory. [/li]
[li]No Monthly Expenses – Your All on 4 implants can be easily maintained with regular brushing, flossing, and biannual checkups with Dr. K. You don’t have to shell out any extra money for adhesives, creams, gum numbing ointments or denture adjustments. [/li]
[li]A Healthier Mouth – All-on-4 implants help to maintain your jaw bone density because the implants act like natural tooth roots. A strong and healthy jaw is critical to the health of your mouth and your body. [/li]

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Are All On 4 Implants An Option For Me?

Only a dentist can determine if you are a candidate for All on Four dental implants, and if you’re interested in replacing your old dentures, you should consider seeking out a dental implant specialist in Las Vegas. Dr. Kevin Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center specializes in the needs of denture patients looking for an alternative method of tooth replacement.

Dr. Khorshid works with denture patients every day. He understands that traditional dentures can cause discomfort and even embarrassment. He has helped many patients replace their old dentures with all on four dental implants, even when other doctors have told them implants weren’t an option. He offers the most cutting-edge dental technology, and is able to place mini implants in patients who have begun to suffer the effects of lost bone mass in the jaw.

Don’t let your loose dentures hold you back from experiencing all that life has to offer. Get back to eating, socializing, and enjoying time with your family. In just one visit to the office, Dr. K and the staff of ABC Dental Implant Center of Las Vegas can replace your old dentures with All On 4 implants Las Vegas