Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

Options for replacing missing teeth have come a long way in the last few years. There was a time when a patient’s only choices were to go with traditional removable dentures or suffer with missing teeth. Lost teeth can cause anxiety and embarrassment, and can also cause physiological problems. Jaw pain, decreased ability to chew, and additional tooth loss are all effects of a lost tooth. If you are suffering from one or more missing teeth in the Las Vegas area, ABC Dental Implant Center will work with you to find the most comfortable and natural-looking tooth restoration solution for your smile.

Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Dental implants are quickly becoming the most popular form of tooth replacement because they mimic natural teeth in both form and function. Dental implants are made up of a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw, which acts as a new tooth root. The implant is then covered with a custom made dental crown.

Dental implants are popular among patients because it’s nearly impossible to tell they are wearing them. And because they have the support of a “root,” dental implants are strong, in fact, they can withstand up to 80% of the pressure that natural teeth can. This means that patients are able to eat as they normally did before they lost any teeth. Dentists love them because they help the jaw maintain mass. Whenever a tooth is lost, the jaw bone and gum tissue begin to deteriorate around that gap, causing the remaining teeth to drift, and leave them vulnerable to breakage and decay. Dental implants are inserted directly into the jaw bone, which keeps the structural integrity of the jaw intact, preserving remaining teeth.

Dentures For Missing Teeth

Dentures are the most traditional form of tooth restoration. But modern removable false teeth are not the same as they were even a decade ago. Dentures are more comfortable, durable, and natural looking than ever before.

Traditional dentures fit over the gums and are held in place with adhesive. But dentures can also be anchored in place with dental implants. These “snap on” dentures let patients eat and speak more naturally, and the implants help maintain jaw structure.

Partial Dentures For Missing Teeth

Partial dentures, also called dental bridges, are used to replace one or a few missing teeth. They are crafted to fit snugly into the mouth, and most people can’t tell by looking at you that you are wearing a partial.

Partials are removable or fixed. Removable partial dentures are taken out for eating and cleaning, and are held in the mouth with small, finger-like structures that wrap around the natural teeth, creating a snug fit. Fixed partial dentures are anchored into place with crowns on either side of the gap.

What Is The Best Option For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Only your dentist can help you choose the best option for replacing your missing teeth. Dr. Kevin Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center is a leader in tooth restoration and has quickly become one of the most popular dentists in Las Vegas. After conducting a thorough exam, complete with x-rays and a medical history, he will consult with you to let you know which options you are eligible to receive. Not every patient is a candidate for every type of tooth replacement. But he will take your health, history, and your personal goals into consideration before making any recommendations.

Dealing with missing teeth is a very personal and often very sensitive issue. Choose a dentist who understands your unique concerns and is able to offer you a variety of choices for restoring your smile. Contact today Dr Kevin Khorshid to learn more about your options for replacing missing teeth.