Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures Las Vegas

Immediate Dentures Las Vegas

Las Vegas immediate dentures, sometimes referred to as same-day dentures, are a unique advancement in dental prosthetic technology. Tooth loss is a common occurrence. We try our best to maintain the health of our teeth and gums, but age, decay, injury, and illness sometimes make the task impossible. There was a time when the only option for a patient was to undergo extraction for all remaining teeth, then wait weeks or even months for the gums to heal before they could be fitted for dentures. This process left many patients feeling helpless and self-conscious, and even discouraged them from visiting the dentist at all.

ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas wants patients to know that those days are long gone. Dr. Kevin Khorshid specializes in immediate dentures, a process that allows patients to leave the office with beautiful, natural looking dentures in one visit.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures were designed to allow patients have a full set of teeth as the gums and jaw heal from tooth extraction. The process of receiving dentures still requires a period of healing, but no longer means that the patient must go without teeth.

When you opt for immediate dentures, Dr. Khorshid will take impressions, measurements, and photos of your teeth and jaw before your remaining teeth are extracted. He will use that information to craft a set of dentures designed to fit your mouth. The day you come for your extraction, he will place your immediate dentures so that you leave the office with confidence.

Immediate dentures will need to be adjusted over time. Your gums and jaw will change size and shape as you heal, and Dr. Khorshid can adjust the immediate dentures to fit you well as you heal. Once your jaw is totally healed, you may receive a new set of dentures. In some cases, your immediate dentures will remain your permanent set, but in other cases a new set of dentures will need to be crafted. Dr. K works individually with every patient to determine the course of action.

Advantages Of Immediate Dentures

There are several advantages to choosing immediate dentures including:

  • Self-esteem – With immediate dentures, you’ll never have to worry about anyone seeing you without teeth. You can leave the office and head straight back to work, run errands, or visit with friends without feeling self-conscious
  • Familiarizes you with dental prosthetics – If you choose to go without teeth until your mouth heals, you’ll find it very strange when your dentures are finally fitted. Your gums and tongue need time to adjust to dentures, and with a set of immediate dentures, you begin to adjust your speech, eating, and drinking habits right away
  • Look younger – When you lose teeth, you also lose jaw mass and your facial muscles can begin to sag. Immediate dentures can slow this process down, and help you look younger
  • Cover and protect the gums – Tooth extraction is a form of surgery. Immediate dentures help to protect the gums as they heal

Choosing The Right Dentist

Tooth loss is a very personal and sensitive issue. Many patients are embarrassed and self-conscious when it comes to replacing their teeth. It’s critical to choose a dentist who understands the unique needs and anxieties involved with choosing dentures. ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas and Dr. Kevin Khorshid have become popular among Las Vegas denture patients because of their unique approach to patient care. They work with every patient individually to determine the right course of treatment for tooth loss. Dr. Khorshid will listen to you, and will work with you to achieve your goals. And if immediate dentures are an option, you will be able to leave his office with new teeth in a single visit.

If you’ve suffered tooth loss and have avoided seeing a dentist because you are self conscious or nervous about the process of getting dentures, contact ABC Dental Implant Center today to learn more about Immediate Dentures Las Vegas.

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