Different Placements Of Dental Implants

Dental implant is an artificial root in the jaw bone which holds the replacement tooth. There are several types of dental implants, all of which are capable of replacing one or a number of teeth.

Implants can last a significant amount of time only if the wearer properly takes care of it and gives it ample time to heal. Since there are a number of procedures available, it is best to contact a professional to help determine the most appropriate type for the condition of the patient.

Patients are also advised to ask their dentists about the procedures that go along with the type of implant that will be used. In places recognized for their dental services like Bartlett or Chicago, there are practitioners who explain all necessary information before every procedure.

Dental implants start with the dentist attaching a screw into the jaw to serve as the root for the replacement teeth. After two to six months, the bones will grow around the implant which secures it into place and helps make it stronger. This procedure is usually applied for replacing a single tooth. In Chicago, dental implants come in two different kinds. One requires a second step which involves attaching another extension that will hold the tooth, and the other does not require a second procedure where the extensions are already attached.

Experts say dental implants are a more appropriate replacement for teeth. It enables the bones to grow around the implants and minimize the chances of deterioration or rotting of the gums surrounding the implants. In Chicago, dental implants like many others from several places prevent bacteria from accessing the root, unlike removable dentures which enable bacteria to reach the sensitive parts of the gums.

The implants are also more durable than other temporary dental treatments. In some cases, sinus augmentation is necessary. Since dental implants require a large and strong quantity of bone for best results, it is difficult to attach implants on the back of the jaw. This is because of the limited bone in that area and its close proximity to the sinuses. Sinus augmentation is a solution to this problem. In Chicago, dental implants are placed in these areas by creating a graft at the bone and filling it with bone graft material. This increases chances for successful implants and better dental health.

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