Dentures And What You Need To Know

Dentures are the most traditional form of tooth replacement, and they’ve come a long way over the years. If you are missing teeth, but have been afraid to talk to your dentist, here are a few things you should know before choosing dentures.

Dentures Come In Many Forms

Dentures are removable false teeth. But traditional removable dentures aren’t your only option for tooth replacement. Dentures can be partial or full sets of teeth, and they can be traditional or “snap on.” Snap on dentures are held in place by dental implants, giving the dentures a solid anchor. They stay firmly in place all day.

Dentures May Require Minor Surgery

Full dentures can only be created when all of the teeth are removed from the dental arch. If you’ve only lost a few teeth and you are opting for dentures, the dentist will have to extract your remaining upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. This extraction requires minimally invasive surgery under local anesthetic.

If you are choosing snap-on dentures, you will require minor surgery for the dentist to fit your implants. Dental implants are inserted into the actual gum line, a procedure that also requires local anesthetic.

Dentures Are Better Than No Teeth

Some people throw in the towel as they begin to lose teeth and never opt to replace them. You’ve probably run into these people at the grocery store, at the mall, or even in your own family. But dentures are far better than no teeth at all.

Think of someone you’ve seen who has lost all of their teeth and doesn’t wear dentures. They have a shrunken, “granny” appearance to their face. That’s because without teeth, the jaw bone shrinks, and the muscles and skin around the mouth have no support. These people tend to look much older than they actually are.

Dentures help you to maintain the shape of your face and look younger longer. And dentures allow you to eat more than just purees and soft foods. This is especially true if you opt for snap-on dentures, which can withstand more pressure than traditional dentures.

Daily Cleaning Is Important

Dentures must be cared for according to your dentist’s direction. Proper care and cleaning will keep your dentures free of odor and bacteria. Dentures that aren’t properly cleaned also may not fit as well or be as comfortable. Brush them twice a day, soak them when they aren’t being worn, and care for your gums as directed.

Dentures Require Maintenance

Think of dentures the way you think of your car. Your car requires you to keep it filled with gas in order to run, but it also requires regular trips to the garage for maintenance and oil changes.

You aren’t done with the dentist the day you get your dentures. You will have to visit the dentist for checkups to ensure the health of your gums, and to get your dentures relined every so often. Without teeth, your jaw will continue to shrink very slowly over time. As your jaw changes your dentures will start to fit differently. Regular trips to the dentist will keep your dentures fitting snugly and comfortably.

Choosing A Denture Dentist in Las Vegas

Dentures aren’t the same as they were 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Patients now have a variety of tooth restoration options available to them, and it’s important to choose the right denture dentist to work with you to replace your teeth.

Not all dentures are created equally, and Dr. Kevin Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas has built his practice around matching patients to the best tooth replacement solution for them. He understands the unique needs and concerns of patients who are missing teeth, and he will develop a customized plan to restore your smile.

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, contact ABC Dental Implant Center to learn more about your options for traditional and Snap on Dentures in Las Vegas.