Dental Treatments You Can Go For

Having a good set of teeth is important for it shows good oral health and boost confidence. You can freely smile and talk to people when you know that your teeth wont embarrass you. Then because of confidence and grace, you can gain friends. However, if your worry is a defective tooth or a not so good set of teeth, you can stop worrying and read on to learn the treatments you can have.

Most people are not aware of cosmetic dentistry. It is the science of improving the teeth with advanced technological procedures. These procedures include dental bridge, crown, filling, dental veneers, and dental implants to name a few. Let us now learn about these and their differences.

Dental fillings are used to repair and restore a tooth that was damaged by tooth decay. The most common filling is an amalgam- a mixture of metals like mercury, tin, silver, copper and zinc. The dentist knows the appropriate filling your teeth needs. A dental bridge is a fixed substitute for a missing tooth or teeth. Usually, it is made from precious metals and porcelain that will be fixed in your mouth.

Dental crowns are caps that cover the teeth or a tooth. It can be made from metal or both metal and porcelain. You can fit crowns into where a tooth was broken or had tooth decay. Dental veneers are thin layer of porcelain that is covered to a tooth. This is perfect to disguise badly stained or discolored teeth.

Dental implants are used to alternate with removable dentures. This procedure is usually used to replace just a single tooth or few teeth. If you will opt for this procedure understand that you cannot get them right away. Implants take time to be ready because it should take measures that will let it fit your mouth and with your other teeth properly. Dentist Tega Cay can help you if you want to avail this procedure. However, if your teeth can still be fixed by other treatments, the dentist will let you know that because implants are only for those people whose mouth cannot support dentures.

Dentist Charlotte can also perform dental treatments stated above. Dentists here also do scaling and polishing of teeth. That refers to the removal of deposits on your teeth or sometimes known as tartar. They can also create dentures for patients.

If you cant afford to drop by to Tega Cay or Charlotte, there is Fort Mill dentists for you. They can provide advanced treatments for you too. They have dental braces that will help your teeth straighten and have an improved appearance.

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