Dental Recontouring – Is It Right For You ?

Dental recontouring maybe the right choice for people who want to correct minor imperfections and overall dental health by removing minor crevices or overlaps in which plaque or tarter can accumulate.

Recontouring is the most conservative cosmetic treatment. It is quick, and painless procedure whose results can be seen immediately.

Who should consider Recontouring ?

Recontouring is an effective method to correct minor imperfections such as :

Fixing small chips.
Smoothing out bulges or pits in tooth’s enamel.
Adjusting slight irregular tooth shapes caused by too many or uneven teeth.
Adjusting the length of pointed canines.

What does Recontouring involve ?

Initial Examination :

The dentist may first take an X-ray of your teeth to determine the size and location of the tooth’s pulp (the centre of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels). If the tooth’s enamel is too thin or if the pulp lies too close to the tooth surface re-contouring may not be possible.

Procedure :

The dentist will use sanding disks or diamond burs to remove minute portions of your tooth enamel. Sometimes, strips of sandpaper will be used to shape and smooth out im- perfections. When the teeth are already shaped properly, the dentist will polish your teeth. Tooth recontouring will not affect the living pulp of the tooth so anaesthetic is not re-quired. Most people need one or more visits in order to finish the treatment.

What are the risks involved in Tooth Recontouring ?

Tooth recontouring does not pose any major risks although if the tooth enamel is relatively thin, your teeth may become more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures after the procedure.

What are the follow-up procedures for Recontouring ?

Tooth recontouring does not use any artificial materials to shape the teeth. This means that your teeth will not require any special care after the procedure.

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