Dental Implants Superior Solution To Lost Teeth?


Check-ups or check-outs

There is no doubt that the cost of regular dental check-ups is causing people to lose their teeth and then what was a minor cost by comparison can become quite a big expense. Consequently, selecting the right dental clinic London for your dental work is crucial because, when it comes to teeth, the quality of the work matters for so many reasons. Teeth are first and foremost not for the Hollywood smile but are tools for eating food and when teeth go bad eating can become a very painful process.

Tooth implants have been a tool of choice for many dental practitioners because they provide an almost perfect solution to regaining a perfect smile. Losing a tooth is never to be recommended but if a tooth has to go then dental implants are very often the next best thing. The technology is very simple although materials have improved over the years so that nowadays, teeth implants are relatively straightforward to install and are an ideal solution for plugging an unsightly gap.

How does it work?

The root of an implant is screwed into the jaw bone and in a very short time is fixed firmly in place by the natural bone. This process provides the implant with a very firm basis into which a new tooth is screwed in place. The beauty of the two sections is that if the new tooth develops a fault, it can be unscrewed from the implant and another tooth put in its place. These types of implants are very strong and are ideal for cutting into food as you would with a natural tooth. Of course, for your new tooth to look natural, it has to match the other teeth but what if the other teeth are not an attractive colour? This is when your dentist in London will suggest some serious teeth whitening because he or she will not want to put in an implant that is of such a grey / yellow colour that no pride can be taken in the work.

Dental clinicians have a lot of pride which is why they want their clients to leave the dental chair with a fine set of teeth that have been cleaned and augmented, if necessary, by teeth implants. The motto of every dental practice is something along the lines that if you take care of your teeth your teeth will take care of you for all your life but, if you neglect your teeth, at last there are dentists with the technology to rebuild a perfect set of teeth and give you back or give you for the first time, a perfect Hollywood smile.