Dental Implant Aftercare Tips and Advices

Dental implants are considered the best solution for tooth loss. That is why many patients in Chicago turn to dental implants to get their missing tooth replaced. Although the procedure has a high success rate, many dentists are still suggesting their patients to take ample care of their implants to avoid further costs.


After having a dental implant procedure, your dentist will probably ask you to avoid eating or chewing until the effect or numbness caused by local anesthesia is gone. This is because forcing your mouth to eat will only damage your tongue and cheeks. Hot drinks should also be avoided because it can also cause negative effects.


During your first to second week, you need to take precautionary measures to avoid your implants to wear off. When eating, avoid putting pressure on chewing and grinding food pieces, most especially on the area where your implants are attached. You are only allowed by your dentist to eat soft foods and avoid consuming sticky foods as it may move your implants.


When cleaning your teeth, avoid brushing the area where your dental implants Chicago are located. You should only use mouthwash twice a day to clean your implants. Brushing your implants may cause it to wear off and be removed in a couple of hours. You can also use water as an alternative for mouth wash.


You should also, avoid touching your implants with your tongue as it may irritate your dental implants Chicago and your gums. Your dentist will probably ask you not to wear any dental device like dentures for the meantime since it will only pressure your dental implants. Smoking and spitting straws should also be avoided, as it will only make your gum’s healing process longer.


Most importantly, never be anxious about swelling. Many dental experts believe that swelling accompanied by a little pain and slight gum bleeding is normal after having dental implants Chicago. Your dentist will surely prescribe antibiotics and pain killers to lessen the pain. Avoid taking aspirins and limit your physical activities because these things can cause more gum bleeding. Remember to attend your dental appointments so that the dentist can monitor your implants. In case of dental emergencies, contact your dentist immediately.

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