Dental Health Flossing – How A Good Floss Technique Is Vital For Your Teeth

Dental Health Flossing – How A Good Floss Technique Is Vital For Your Teeth

Mouth and dental hygiene are vital for more than just your teeth. Indeed your total health is a reflection of how well you look after yourself orally.

Using a toothbrush frequently and with good technique is a start and one which challenges many people in itself. For those who have accomplished a steady and adequate brushing technique, there is another step.

To get really clean between your teeth – those places where you just know you haven’t cleaned everything properly – you must use a dental floss technique to make sure that you are fully protected.

Dental floss will remove food particles lodged in between your teeth in those areas that, for one reason or another are just inaccessible to your brush. It may not be your fault, more a layout error at design stage in your mouth! Still, it’s no excuse to let your dental health suffer in this way.

After all, you now have a great solution!

Did you know that all the bits of food that get lodged between your teeth, start to rot in only a few hours. This will almost certainly be one of the causes of bad breath, if you suffer from that.

So if you want to enjoy the best of dental health, it’s always best to make sure that you get rid of these food particles as soon as you can after eating. And as we now know, just brushing on it’s own, simply cannot get to all the hard-to-reach (bits of stuck food rich) places, which is precisely where plaque builds up.

And that’s where a good dental floss can help you.

There are quite a lot of different sorts of dental floss now on the market, each of them, according to their manufacturers, providing you with the perfect solution to meet and exceed your dental health needs

“With it’s light wax coating and it’s shred-resistant texture, it slides easily between your teeth and below the gumline”, is one manufacturer’s claim for it’s number one dental floss.

Whatever product, within whatever brand you choose, the technique is the same. Here it is, step by step:-

1) Take a big enough piece of floss to wrap around a finger on each hand, which keeps it tight

2) Manipulate the floss down through the gaps between each pair of teeth and letting one of the fingers slip, pull the floss all the way through

3) Avoid, where possible, pulling the floss back up from between the teeth as this can damage any dental work you may have had done – pull through the gap horizontally, rather than upwards

4) Some teeth gaps, especially at the back of the mouth, might be quite difficult to get at and this is where your dental health can slip. So do your best and if you really can’t reach, there are some specialized products that come with a ready stretched piece of floss on an implement, which will really help you.

5) Deal with every gap, every time you floss if you want the best dental health

6) After you floss, brush your teeth in the way your dentist or oral hygienist has advised

7) Ideally, floss twice a day, when you brush (you do brush twice a day – right?)

What sort of dental floss to buy? Well, to benefit your overall dental health, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you need to buy something that you are comfortable enough with that you will use it regularly.

Some dental floss shreds a bit, so some people prefer a more plastic tape type. For others, they will enjoy using a floss with a flavor, so mint versions are available.

Whichever dental floss type you use, get one you like, even if it is a bit more expensive than the budget brand. Then you will not only enjoy using it regularly, but you will also benefit your own dental health every day.

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