Dental Equipment ? The Basics

Our dental health is one of the most important things that should be taken well-cared of. Many people are suffering from severe pain in their mouth brought by different oral problems. Several people are not able to eat properly and comfortably anymore because of oral health issues.

Your dental health will be improved if you go to your dentist. But many of us are getting scared because of the different equipments that our dentists use. Here are some basic equipments that dentists use.

1. Dental mirrors are among the most important instruments used by dentists. Mirrors are used by dentists to see areas of the mouth that are hard or impossible to see without the help of the mirror.

They are used to check for swollen gums, bleeding gums, decaying teeth, and heavy tartar build-up.

They also use dental mirrors to reflect light toward spots that are dark or hard to see.

2. Dental Tweezers/College Tweezers – These pair of tweezers is usually used to hold and push cotton into different portions of the mouth to prevent saliva from gushing into the teeth.

3. Dental Drill – also known as Dentists Drill, is a drill used by dentists to remove decayed materials from the patients teeth before doing a dental filling. Today’s dental drills are capable of having a rotation speed of 400,000 rpm. A lot of dental patients are already having dentophobia, which is the fear of dentistry, due to the sound that dental drills create.

Most modern dental drill uses tungsten carbide or steel burs. Other burs also have diamond on them. A good dentist would first sterilize the dental drill before using it for any dental procedure.

4. Dental Braces – is a device used by dentists to align teeth and their position to fit the persons bite. The time duration that a person has to wear braces depends upon the severity of the problem has. It is dependent on the health of the teeth, the bones, gums, the distance the teeth must travel and how the patient is able to follow the instructions properly.

The moment you have a brace attached to your teeth, your dentist would usually advise you to visit him every month or so in order for him to check that the braces are stable and exerting proper pressure to your teeth.

In case braces alone are not able to fix the problem, then headgears may be worn at home through the night to help fix the problem.

5. Dental Syringe – A dental syringe is a unique syringe specifically designed for injecting sufficient and controlled amounts of anesthesia into the gums. It is also used to withdraw liquids (particularly pus) from the gums.

6. Dental Anesthesia – is a specialized form of general anesthesia, whereby lacking the presence of nitrous oxide. Dental anesthesia is commonly called lidocaine by dentist. Its numbing effect usually lasts one two hours, depending on body mass and the nervous system’s tolerance to anesthetics.

You now have some knowledge about some of the instruments dentists use, you should now be confident that your dentists know what they are doing and they do not intend to hurt you.

If you think that what you have is the dental nightguard wait until you see this kind of denture cleaner. Then you’ll probably ditch your old hydra brush.