Costa Rica Medical and Dental Tourism Overview

Costa Rica is home to highly trained doctors and surgeons that provide superior quality health care at a fraction of the cost compared to the United States. Every year loads of patients visit the country to receive medical, surgical, dental and cosmetic surgeries. With growing health care costs and reduced medical / insurance coverage, going to Costa Rica to have optimum medical care is a viable and an alluring option.

Costa Rica is one of the most amazingly diverse and beautiful countries. It boasts of mountains, forests, tropical beaches, and dormant volcanoes. Thus, combining, a vacation with a medical value trip is idyllic, and this has been one significant reason, that has made Medical Tourism flourish here.

Costa Rica’s brilliant reputation is attributed to its internationally trained surgeons and cost effective, inexpensive medical and surgical procedures.

The Hospital, Clinica Biblica, has been providing high quality health care services. State of the art facilities, modern and advanced equipments, and a variety of medical procedures and techniques, make the Hospital Clinica Biblica an ideal choice for health care needs for the overseas patients.

Costa Rica focuses on a host of wide-ranging medical and surgical treatments: cardio – vascular surgery, dental care, gynecology and obstetrics, cancer management, organ transplant surgery, to cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Some of the best dentists, dental surgeons, and oral surgeons in the world are placed in Costa Rica. Patients from all over the world, come to Costa Rica for its astonishingly low prices, vastly skilled dentists, and high-tech facilities. Dental work specializes in tooth extractions, implants, teeth whitening, smile designing, realignment of the facial bones, etc.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the Costa Rica Cosmetic Surgery is world renowned. In fact, cosmetic / plastic surgery is so reasonably priced, that the total cost of the medical trip to Costa Rica, inclusive of air fare, stay, and a few days of sight seeing, is far less than what the procedure would cost in the U.S. Plastic surgeries here cost a third of what they do in the U.S., without affecting the quality of health care.

How will you benefit by going to Costa Rica for a Medical Vacation?

• Hospitals (facilitated by the Medical Tourism Corporation medical packages) are world class, JCI accredited.

• Quality health care at affordable and inexpensive rates.

• Surgeons, physicians, and dentists are highly proficient in their fields of expertise.

• The equipments, apparatus, and surgical techniques used are contemporary and highly advanced.

• Medical Tourism guarantees up to 75 % off U.S. rates for dental care, and general surgery.

• Located at a convenient and short distance from the United States.

Modern hospitals (most of them JCI accredited) and health care centers have Board Certified surgeons, many of whom are professionally trained in North America or Europe. They present a variety of dental, cosmetic and general surgery procedures, using the newest technology, at reasonable rates. These characteristics have been greatly responsible for making this country, a much sought after country for medical vacations.

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