Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures Las Vegas

Complete Dentures Las Vegas

Las Vegas complete dentures are, as the name implies, a full set of false teeth. When you have lost all or many of your teeth, whether from decay, injury, or disease, complete dentures are used to restore your smile. Complete dentures can be used to replace upper teeth, lower teeth, or both.

Patients in Las Vegas may be overwhelmed when searching for a dentist to fit them with a set of complete dentures. Missing teeth can be a sensitive subject to talk about, and even more sensitive to deal with. Dr. Kevin Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas knows that tooth replacement can be a touchy subject. He puts patient comfort first, and works with every patient closely to choose the right course of treatment. His goal is to restore your smile while keeping you happy and comfortable.

Why Complete Dentures?

Dentures can actually improve your oral health. If you’ve lost several teeth due to decay, injury, or sickness, Dr. Khorshid may recommend extracting your remaining teeth. This may seem extreme, but once tooth loss begins, it is hard to prevent your remaining teeth from being lost.

Complete dentures give you as second chance at a beautiful smile and allow you to eat and speak as you used to.

Some of the benefits of complete dentures include:

  • Improved bite – You won’t have to “gum” your food anymore. Dentures allow you to chew normally.
  • Improved appearance – Complete dentures stop your facial muscles from sagging around the mouth. You won’t suffer from the “granny” face that many people fear.
  • Improved speech – Missing teeth affect speech. Even if people can’t see you are missing some teeth, they can likely hear it in your speech patterns. Dentures stop you from whistling when you speak.
  • Natural looking – These aren’t your grandpa’s dentures. Complete dentures are more natural looking than ever.
  • Never be without teeth – Dr. K can fit you with immediate dentures after extraction, which means you never have to face the world without teeth.

If You Have Loose Dentures

If you already wear complete dentures and find that they are loose, or slide around your gums, you may be discouraged. Often times, bottom dentures don’t fit as snugly as top dentures, and if you were improperly fitted for bottom dentures, it’s a problem that will persist. Many denture wearers choose to leave their dentures out rather than fuss with an ill-fitting set of false teeth. But ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas can help your lower dentures fit more snugly and keep your smile looking bright and beautiful.

Complete dentures can be anchored into the bottom jaw using dental implants. Implants are small titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw. Your dentures are then modified to fit over the implants, and are thus held in place. When you consider dental implants to anchor your complete dentures, you no longer have to worry about them sliding around on your gums, nor do you have to deal with adhesives on your lower dentures.

Choosing Complete Dentures In Las Vegas

If you are suffering because of missing teeth, or if you already have complete dentures and are unhappy with the way they fit, give ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas a call. Dr. Khorshid and his staff understand the unique needs and anxieties of denture wearers and strive to help everyone who walks through the door achieve their best smile.

You can schedule a consultation to meet Dr. Khorshid and speak with him about your dental health history, your goals for treatment, as well as any fears or questions you may have. He is committed to patient comfort and education, and is happy to help you ease your fears before you choose to proceed with tooth replacement. Don’t let missing teeth keep you from living your best life. Contact ABC Dental Implant Center Las Vegas today to learn more about Complete Dentures Las Vegas.

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