Are Immediate Dentures Right For Me?

Immediate dentures, sometimes called same-day dentures, are full sets of false teeth that patients can wear (as the name suggests) immediately after tooth extraction. In the past, patients had to wait anywhere from two to three months after their extractions to receive their dentures. This waiting period was necessary because the jaw and gums needed to heal completely before permanent dentures could be worn. Facing the world without teeth for three months isn’t very appealing to most people, and that waiting period actually deters many from seeking out dentures to replace missing teeth. But a set of immediate dentures means you never have to face the world without teeth again.

Dr. Kevin Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center of in Las Vegas works with patients suffering tooth loss to determine if immediate dentures are the right choice. He understands the fears and anxieties that many future denture wearers have when it comes to their new teeth. Immediate dentures can help to lift some of that stress and make the process a little easier.

Why Choose Immediate Dentures?

Some patients may be on the fence about whether or not immediate dentures are right for them. Some of the reasons to opt for same day dentures include:

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[li]Leaving the office with a full set of teeth. [/li]
[li]Learning to speak and eat with dentures right away, instead of putting the process off. [/li]
[li]Instantly look younger. [/li]
[li]Protect your gums as they heal from extraction. [/li]
[li]Immediate dentures look natural, they aren’t bulky or clumsy like dentures of years past. [/li]

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The biggest reason patients choose immediate dentures is cosmetic. If tooth loss has caused them embarrassment, they may have limited the time they spend with family and friends. And many of these same patients, already suffering because of the gaps in their smile, choose to put off getting dentures because of the lengthy waiting period between extraction and final denture fittings.

Immediate dentures can give you back your life in just one office visit. You start the day with gaps in your mouth and end it with a full set of new, beautiful, natural looking teeth.

Will My Immediate Dentures Fit My Mouth?

Before your extraction appointment, Dr. Khorshid will take impressions and measurements of your mouth. He will use that information to create a set of immediate dentures for you that fit well and are built to match the size of your natural teeth. When you arrive for your extractions, you’ll be able to see your new dentures. Unfortunately, Dr. K won’t be able to fit them until all of your teeth are removed. This means he may have to make some minor adjustments to the dentures before you leave, but you will leave with a brand new smile.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Getting Dentures

Many patients are nervous to start the process of getting dentures because they are afraid they’ll have to face the world with no teeth. That’s why Dr. Khorshid of ABC Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas gives his patients the option of choosing immediate dentures. Dr. K likes them because they protect the gums as they heal and help his patients get a feel for how dentures work before he gives them their permanent dentures. Patients love immediate dentures because they can leave the office with a full set of teeth and never have to look back.

If tooth loss is causing you embarrassment or anxiety, don’t put off getting dentures any longer. Immediate dentures can restore your entire smile in just one visit. Contact ABC Dental Implant Center of Las Vegas today to set up a consultation to learn more about whether or not Immediate Dentures¬†in Las Vegas might be for you.