All Of The Positives Of Dental Implants

Tooth loss can happen to anyone regardless of age. It can be caused by poor oral hygiene, trauma to the mouth and is also associated with aging. It can affect your eating habits as it can cause bite-related issues. From a psychological point of view, the loss of your teeth may give you problems smiling and talking. Depending on the nature of your tooth loss problems, dental implants are a straightforward and proven solution to your troubles.

Dental implants are a set of artificial tooth replacements to help with the discomfort and embarrassment of tooth loss. The advantages are:

They may be used in combination with other dental procedures for maximum effectiveness

You can get a dental bridge for replacing multiple missing teeth

Implants can be used with dentures to increase degree of permanence

They can reduce gum tissue pain

They are not vulnerable to cavities

The implants are anchored securely to the jawbone to reduce discomfort and improve speech

They may stop the process of the shrinking of the jawbone that occurs if the root is not replaced

The implant procedures involve two techniques. First, an opening is made through the gum and the implant is positioned in the bone. Stitches are then placed to close the gum tissue making the implant invisible. The healing period may vary but it can range from 4 to six months. After the healing period a temporary crown will be connected to the implant. You can still wear your current dentures while the implant is in the healing process.

Another approach is called single-stage implantation because it eliminates the need for another surgical visit. Under this method, dental implants and crowns are placed at the same time making the implants visible in your mouth instantly following the procedure.

You can decide which approach suits your condition with the help of your dentist. In either case, once the dental implants and gum tissue heal, your restorative dentist will fabricate and attach your final crown or bridge for you.

Recovery from these implants depends on various factors like the number of procedures needed to complete your treatment. It is important to emphasize that maintaining oral hygiene is needed to have proper fusing of the implants and the bone structure. Having dental floss ready and regular brushing is needed to prevent implant failure. You also have to avoid smoking as it contributes to unsuccessful dental implants. Regular visit to your dentist is also encouraged to prevent infection as implant procedures takes about a year to heal. Follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor your healing progress.

Dental implants revolutionize people’s oral health. With the natural feel and look of these implants, you can eat whatever you want and smile all you like as your teeth appear natural and your facial shape is preserved

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